Staff Bios

Donna Marie Bertrand

Dedicated, results-oriented professional with multifaceted experience managing human resources, collaborative business, community relationships and operational systems to support company and educational goals. Proven capacity for building cohesive, high-performance teams, identifying team member strengths, empowering others and allocating job responsibilities to bolster efficiency. She has over 25 years experience leading business and project management for non-profit education and arts organizations, including higher education institutions.

David Jackson

Our resident specialist on sustainable business planning and development. David assists in day to day consulting, including research, writing, development support, and strategic planning. He looks to streamline project management processes by managing client accounts, project information, schedules, and billing. His core focus is making sure your business, no matter if it’s two people or two hundred, has a culture, a plan, and the tools to be successful and sustainable.

Lana Raspotnuk

Providing administrative support in all aspects of Abhinc Group endeavors. Lana’s attention to detail, quick and nimble responses are appreciated by all who have the privilege of working with her.

Our Contractors

Deb Dewees

Administrative and budgetary support for the Abhinc Team. Experience in data processing and management is a welcome addition in our day to day activities.

Fireland Filmworks

Tyler Hanson

Abhinc’s first choice for film and content creation. Tyler brings experience and reliability to the team, and our ability to produce custom multimedia content for our clients is invaluable. A link to his website, Firelands Filmworks, with more information and examples of his work is below.

Fireland Filmworks

Jason Becker

Printed and digital materials make a strong and lasting impact, and require good design, format, and layout, which is why Abhinc continually relies on Jason as a graphic designer. Check out his website below for more information.

Jason Becker Creative

Breakthrough Web Solutions

Aaron Cyboron & Aric Berger

Our web development and analytics team, we have come to value their insights to traffic and social media as much as their skills in design and development. A link to their website, with more information and portfolio, is below.

Breakthrough Web Solutions

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