Favorite Projects

Some would say it isn’t wise to say there are favorite projects. But Donna Marie isn’t typical. She is more than happy to share her favorites.

Donna Marie with DANNAR team during an open house, as they thank the Abhinc Group team


At this time Donna Marie and the Abhinc team’s main focus is in support of the DANNAR team. Donna Marie reflects on the beginning times with DANNAR. “The DANNAR project began many years ago and it’s been an honor to support Gary Dannar and his growing team through filling roles in various services. Some of those services are filled by others now, which is what Abhinc does – we fill the gaps, then recruit, on-board, train, knowing we are working ourselves out of a job. Today, when you take a look at DANNAR’s website, videos, graphics you are seeing Abhinc Group at work. Gary Dannar has created a unique culture, solving real needs through their disciplined innovation. We are proud to play our small part.

Donna Marie with Gary Dannar and Scott Crepeau during San Diego launch of DANNAR 4.00 in San Diego, CA - June 2018

Seattle Children’s Museum

Much of the Seattle Children’s Museum branding today remains from Donna Marie’s eight years as Executive Director. When asked about her favorite times there – “Of course, always the kiddos. I really enjoyed creating unique playscapes for the kids. In creating a playscape it was a privilege to work alongside many types of artists and educators. Each playscape was like a mini project, from design to budget to funding to grant management to the day the ribbons could be cut by the kiddos.” Here are a few of those top ribbon cutting and event moments. 

 For over 20 years now the Abhinc Group team has supported many types of individuals and teams. They come with a vision, as start-ups, companies or agencies, finding their way to a next step. Often it starts with a NDA and some stay that way, even up to today. Some start with an idea and through research, the project is set aside.  Because it is better to say “not now” than get in over your head. And some just grow and grow and grow. Some were a part of Donna Marie’s, or David’s or Jennifer’s or Ed’s full-time jobs, as the team worked together, supporting each other’s endeavors.

Here are some examples:

  • Still growing, yet at present, well over 50 executive and mid-level coaching clients. Donna Marie’s received her “Certified Professional Coach” credentials in October of 2000, long before it became the buzz word that it tends to be today. Her longest client relationship was over 13 years, supporting a real estate agent grow her business to  a broker with five locations. Some clients are for just 3 months, such as an employee working through a disciplinary issue. These coaching skills are apparent in the Abhinc team’s day-to-day encounters.
  • A growing architectural firm needed assistance with recruiting, hiring and then policies and procedures for the culture they were creating. While on this project an engineering firm that was working with the architects, realized they too needed that type of support. With Abhinc’s support, they instead started with all-staff confidential interviews, taking a hard look at their existing culture. This allowed many to choose new internal advancement options. Others decided it was time to go outside the company for a new start. The company supported these individuals in their choices both in severance and allowing Donna Marie to help them find their next job. The next step was recruiting and hiring into the environment.
  • A chef who was also a dad, that loved to cook for his kids. He eventually was told over and over again he should bottle his BBQ sauce. Abhinc helped him do just that! From finding the right bottlers, to creating the nutritional label information and of course the label design, business plan and marketing strategy.
  • An organic farm that gave away great recipes in their newsletter. The time came to put all of them on their website. What a database project!  They were more than happy to turn it over to the Abhinc team.
  • A small college relocated their campus of many years into a downtown setting. This 18-month project included liaison work between executive level staff, faculty and students, the architects, and the construction company in renovating a five story department store building to their new offices and classrooms. At the same time turning an apartment building into their dorms. All on budget and on time to start a new year.
  • Many, many artists who needed websites, art showings, business strategies and budget planning. Some did better than others, yet all are exciting to learn about what has worked for others, and just as importantly – not worked.
  • Various grants that needed everything from research, to submittal, to grant management and reporting.
  • Several social outreach programs in search of realistic print, website, social media materials – on budget, on time and with ease in revising the material.  Very critical to not take away funds from their mission.
  • A mom, in deep sorrow after losing a loved one to undiagnosed diabetes, decided she wanted to create a cookbook based on simple, easy, healthy lunches. The Abhinc team was proud to see her project from written notes through publication.
  • A different, highly successful real estate agent, had grown his company to many offices, with many training seminars. These seminars, and all the supporting marketing materials, were based solely on his name. When he wanted to step back, there was a concern the seminars might loose momentum. The Abhinc team created a transitional branding strategy that moved from his name to a new company name, over the course of two years.
  • And did we mention artists? Yes, again, many, many artists. Donna Marie managed artist for over 10 years for a Disney Imagineer who had created a custom fabrication company. Often those artist would want to take on side projects and they knew they could count on Donna Marie to help them navigate the business side of their art. Several went on to create their own unique businesses.