What We Do

We are a business incubator and development consulting firm, focused on planning and development of business practices and strategies. We provide a host of services, customized to the size and needs of your business, including executive support, strategic and business planning, HR support, and business development.

The best way to decide if we are right for you is to contact us, and schedule a conversation. Our initial consultation is free of charge and generally takes about an hour. Head over to our contact page to schedule it.

Our Services


Business Planning

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Strategic Planning

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Budget Planning

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Grant writing

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Executive Support

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Sales support


grant management

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Human Resources Support

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Click the button below to get in touch and schedule an introductory meeting with our team. Introductory sessions are to determine if we are a good fit for your needs, and always at no cost to you.

DM Executive Coaching and CEO Support

Looking for something more personal and 1 on 1? While Abhinc focuses on organizations and growing your business, Donna Marie also takes single clients for personal development. Her solutions are based around developing your creativity, management style, and personal goals. Regardless if you’re a seasoned CEO or newly minted entrepreneur, Donna Marie is interested in helping you.