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As independent professionals, we each networked ourselves to provide solutions for our clients, calling on professionals we knew who provide the right experience for the right results.

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What makes a business sustainable?

In the modern parlance it’s easy to focus on sustainability in the environmental sense. And while that remains essential, a business has several ways to be sustainable. That is, to be able to sustain it’s activities. This includes activities including use of your time, your employee relationships, your budgets, and your growth.

To learn more about making your business sustainable, regardless of your size or stage of growth, make an introductory interview appointment with Abhinc.

Planning Your Growth

When you’re first starting out, or just getting your big break, it’s easy to get carried away trying to scale your business. But smart, planned growth can make the difference between success and failure. When planning your growth you need to consider several factors, including timetable, budget, your market, and most importantly what your goals are. The old adage of “using ten words when one will do” applies to business as well.

To learn more about growth planning, regardless if you’re just starting out or preparing to transition, make an introductory interview appointment with Abhinc.

When to transition

Transitioning from a small business to a larger business is a big step, and one that many owners dream of. But knowing when it’s right to make that leap is as important as having the tools to do it. The reasons to grow are as diverse as there are companies, and what worked for someone else, even a business much like your own, may not work for you and your company. It requires honest assessment and personal guidance.

To learn more about assessing a transition opportunity, whatever that transition may be, make an introductory interview appointment with Abhinc.

Educating instead of selling

Not everyone is a salesmen, in fact it seems like most people who are passionate about their products are not naturally driven by sales, and that’s okay. You don’t need to be a first class salesmen to sell your product or service, but you do need to be able to educate your clients or customers about your business. The difference may seem small, but the impact is big, in both the way that your clients will see you and the way that you can approach that pitch conversation.

To learn more about education as a marketing tool, and coaching to be a first class educator, make an introductory interview appointment with Abhinc.

Doing the research

Trying to do marketing without research is close to useless. Especially in today’s highly data driven world. But a small or new organization may not have the budget, tools, or expertise that larger companies can leverage. Luckily, you don’t need them! What you need is solutions tailored to your business that you can understand, plan, and execute yourself. These are skills that anyone can learn, and are essential to strategic and business planning.

To learn more about scalable marketing research and how it applies to your marketing plan, make an introductory interview appointment with Abhinc.

  • "Quick and nimble" was how she described herself. A no-nonsense, politely direct style is what I experienced when observing her as a consultant and negotiator on behalf of her client. On the other side of the table I thought, "I want her on my side." As a testament to her ability, when it was all settled, she was able to make me feel as though we were ALL on the same team. Donna Marie Bertrand is a gift with much to give, and she gives unselfishly.

    Howard B

  • Donna Marie assisted my business partner and I in refining our roles at a time when our business was changing and evolving. The unique skill that Donna Marie possesses is stepping into a business environment and very quickly understanding how the business works, objectively observing the players and deducing their strengths and weaknesses. She not only is gifted with people development; she has great organizational strengths and know-how to initiate, follow through to complete any project she undertakes.

    Donna H

From Here on

Abhinc Group began with three employees who really enjoyed working together.   We could finish each other’s sentence, in a good way.   When we went on to our next adventures, we still relied on each other to fill the gaps in various aspects.   As our new employment projects grew, we decided to formalize our working relationship, to move beyond simply bartering our services, with each other.   “Abhinc” is Latin for “From Here On” … how we felt about continuing to work together.    As we added clients,  helped them with their growth edges, then they too came back to us.   We realized “From Here On” is how our clients feel as well.