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Abhinc Group comes along side start-up businesses and small businesses  to assist them in reaching their next level goals.  This may mean helping establish a web and social media presence, or setting up a manageable bookkeeping system or developing a customer service structure that is sustainable and satisfying to your customers.    

What's important to us is that we are helping make your goals attainable.

Abhinc Group offers the following service to our clients inside or outside of our business incubator. 

Website Design and Development
We will help you establish a functional and visually pleasing web presence.  Our websites are built on a platform that makes managing your content easy for ANYONE and we provide the training so you can manage the site.

Executive Coaching
Having someone who is in your corner both cheering you on and challenging you is valuable.   Our experienced partners will provide coaching - pushing and supporting you toward your goals. 

Social Media Planning
We will help you establish a social media presence and design a MANAGEABLE plan that allows your customers to find you and stay up to date, but doesn't weigh you down or distract from you primary goals.  We'll help you navigate the questions about which platforms you should be on and which ones you should avoid.

Financial Strategies and Bookkeeping
We will help you get your records in order (if needed) and develop a plan to keep them that way.  We can either set you up to manage your own books or we can offer a continued service.  Our financial strategies include everything from the simplest bookkeeping entries to financial statements.  We encourage every client to take advantage of our cash flow management structures as well. 

Additional Services - Strategic business plan, database development, design, product/service planning, marketing, staff development